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Advanced Email Verifier features an easy to use interface for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 systems, making it a simple way to clean up your email lists. This is important for those who often send out bulk emails, as the majority of ISP servers will block the sender's domain if it seems they are repeatedly sending out emails to non-existent addresses.


Advanced Email Verifier is designed for webmasters, programmers, system administrators, and anybody who maintains a mailing list of any kind. It allows you to import your Windows Address Book and at the same time supports import through ODBC SQL, allowing email addresses to be obtained from external sources like MYSQL, Oracle, MS Access, and more. The program is fast, importing large lists in seconds.

Main Function

Email addresses are verified by connecting directly to the recipient's SMTP server rather than sending out an email for it to be bounced back. This protects your domain from being blocked due to bad email addresses, assuring your marketing campaign can reach those who are interested. Have a list in Excel that has numerous custom fields, such as contact names and company names? Don't worry, import that list and know that data in those special fields are not lost. Advanced Email Verifier saves the results, both good and bad email addresses, to separate files saving you time.

Extra Features

Advanced Email Verifier will export those listings that are associated with other custom fields to Excel, HTML, Word, XML, MS Windows Clipboard, and a host of other programs, with all information intact. Apply filters or sorts to the email addresses collected in any way you wish, customizing in the most convenient way possible. Data is also safe with the ability to recover anything you might have lost because of any problems with the performance of your machine.


This program is free to try, 99.00 to buy and with all of the time it can save you, it is a good value. Knowing that your domain cannot be blocked due to undeliverable mail makes it even more valuable for those who often send out targeted emails.

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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